Label what you plant!

It’s nice to have an organized farm with everything labeled.

This is especially true when you grow seed and you want to be able to keep track of things,

Here’s how I label seed crops at Tourne-Sol farm.

The Labels

Field labels with lot number, product code and variety name.

I print labels with variety name of each crop and the variety code we use at Tourne-Sol. I also include the lot number for that seed crop.

I like to set the lots from the beginning of the year. We can then use that lot to track a crop through harvest and cleaning.

(If you’re looking carefully, you might notice that I inverted the lot and crop name in the picture above. I hadn’t noticed until I started putting this post together.)

I print out labels on a 8.5″ x 11″ sheet. I then laminate the sheet and cut with a block cutter.

The Stakes†

I start with 45″ stakes and cut them into 3 x 15″ stakes.

I like to put a bunch of stakes into the bench vise so I can cut many stakes at once!

Labels On Stakes

I spread the stakes out on the concrete floor of the barn and place the labels on the stakes.

I then staple the labels to the stakes using a stapler gun and 5/16″ staples (you can use shorter staples but this is what was on hand.)

The concrete is important to make sure the staples bend and aren’t simply poking through the back,

Bunches Of Stakes

I bunch the stakes together with elastic bands.

My Favourite Planting Tools

Heading Out!

Field Layout

Once we get to the field, I unroll the tape measure and place the stakes in the appropriate places. Then we walk out the trays of plants and start planting!

How do you keep track of what is in your field?

Are you a super labeller?

Please share your deepest organizing secrets in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Label what you plant!

  1. Great topic and im sure many a farmers have wrestled with unlabeled plants, i know we have! For perrenial labelling needs we cut aluminum pop cans (or beer cans!) into about 1×4 inch labels, punch a hole (using a hole punch) about an inch in and tie with a piece of wire to a hole in a wooden stake. To write, place label on hard surface, take a pen or pencil and make an imprint of desired info on the label. Oh yes – its quite important to use that inch by the hole to make several small folds so that the wire does not tare through the hole when flapping in the wind! Hope you have a great season! Thanks for sharing…

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