FSA Tip #4 Sumif and Sumifs!

This morning I was getting ready to post about Farmer Spreadsheet tip #5, when I realized I never posted about #4.

I guess I got carried away by the garlic harvest, and then the garlic cleaning, and tomorrow is the Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue garlic festival!

Let’s remedy that.

Today we take Tip #4, tomorrow number FIIIIIIIIIVE!

Farmer Spreadsheet Tip #4 is about SUMIF and SUMIFS

SUMIF (and the lesser known SUMIFS) is an important formula for your spreadsheet toolbox.

SUMIF let’s you SUM up certain cells IF they meet certain conditions.

In this example I look at using SUMIF to convert a planting schedule into a seed order.

But SUMIF also open the door to some very interesting uses that we will be exploring in the future!

Are you using SUMIF regularly in your spreadsheets?

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