FSA Tip #7 How To Choose A Spreadsheet System

This farm spreadsheet tip goes back to basics.

Before you start setting up your Farm Spreadsheet System, you’ve got to decide on a spreadsheet application.

Where to start among all the available options?

I’ve got 5 considerations for you to evaluate different spreadsheet apps.

I also explain why I use Google Sheets for my farm spreadsheets and why Google Sheets might work for you.

If you’ve never used Google Sheets but are curious to know more. You can download the

Beginner’s Guide To Farm Spreadsheets: Getting Started With Google Drive

This guide covers everything from setting up your google drive to creating your first spreadsheet and sharing it with your farm team.

What spreadsheet apps do you use?

Join me next Thursday at 2pm for my next Farmer Spreadsheet Tip on Facebook Live.

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