Planning out the 2020 Scotch Bonnet Remix breeding project.

Yesterday I went through my 2019 breeding notes from my Scotch Bonnet Remix project.

I’m planning out what selections to grow this summer.

(This was a cross between Scotch Bonnet peppers and some sweet Capsicum annuums. A cross that everyone tells me shouldn’t happen! Read more about the Scotch Bonnet Remix origin story here)

The pictures are from the F2 generation. I sort fruit not only by colour and shape but also heat level. Some plants were completely mild!

I’ll be growing out each selection separately to start stabilizing each line

I’m pretty excited to see what will happen with the F3 generation.

Especially with 901-19 – this yellow pepper was so sweet. In fact some animal (mouse? vole?) had eaten about half the fruit on the plant.

And 901-25 – this little cutie packed a solid dose of heat. Unfortunately it barely had any seeds.

A lot of the selections I grow out this year will not make it to 2021.

I’m expecting I might be surprised by some new favourites this summer!

Do you have any exciting breeding projects for 2020?

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