FSA Tip #28 Merging Lists In Google Sheets

Today’s tip was inspired by an email I received wondering if there was a way to merge the crops lists from 3 separate crop plan into one list.

Well there is a pretty quick way to merge lists. And if you throw in the UNIQUE and SORT formulas you can organize your merged list to be a little bit easier to read.

In this tip, we’ll see …

  • You need to start with lists with the same number of columns
  • How to merge arrays with Curly Brackets {}
  • How to eliminate duplicates in the list with UNIQUE()
  • How to organize this list with SORT()
  • Why to be cautious of COMMAS
  • An example of merging Market Sales and CSA Contents to create a Vegetables Distributed List

You can get the spreadsheet from this tip to follow along at home.

What lists do you need to merge?

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