FSA Tip #32 Tools To Create Product CSV Files For Your Online Farm Store

The easiest way to manage a lot of products in your online store is to import them with a CSV file.

But that CSV file usually has a ridiculous amount of rows. It can be a hassle to keep them all synced up.

The spreadsheet from the Farm Spreadsheet Tip shows you how to manage different types of data from the CSV file in different tabs with a couple formulas.

I’ve used a Shopify CSV file for this tip. But you can tweak the sheets to fit any ecommerce platform they might be using!

In this tip, we’ll see how to …

  • Manage common product information in a description tab
  • Manage format specific information in a format tab
  • Add the format information to your Product CSV file with a filter formula
  • Add the common product information to your Product CSV file using INDEX MATCH
  • Add other common information to all tows in the Product CSV File
  • Download your spreadsheet as a CSV
  • Import the CSV file into Shopify (or your online store of choice)

You can get the spreadsheet from this tip to follow along at home.

Go and import some products to your online farm store!!!

Here’s the short version of this tip!

If you want to go deeper – Here’s a full LIVE presentation

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