Sunflowers, chickadees, and lawn mowers

This sunflower came from a seed that escaped from the bird feeder. 

It survived squirrels, and chickadees, and lawn mower to grow tall then and then even taller. 

And when it bloomed it was covered in branches and then in so many flowers.

Now, the flowers are putting on seeds and have hung their heads to keep those seeds out of the rain.  It’s also trying to keep a few seeds from the squirrels and chickadees so that they make it to the ground to face the winter and sprout next spring.

I’d also like to have a repeat of this sunflower by our porch next year, so I’m going to hedge my bets and cut a seed head to let it dry on the kitchen window sill. 

Because it’s that time of year to take stock of the season and figure out what you liked and what you didn’t, what you want to repeat and what you should drop, what needs to be improved and what is good enough.

It’s time for the second annual Season Review Challenge where I’ll guide you through looking back over your season so you can learn from what happened to get ready to plan for next year.

I’m still working on some of the details but I know it will start on September 20.

You can join for free here.

I’d love to see you there!

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