FSA Tip #39 Connect Two Google Sheets With Importrange

Sometimes you’ve got a couple Google Sheets that you would like to have speak to each other. 

In my Farm Spreadsheets I use a master crop list with all the growing info for that crop – DTM, yield, spacing, and so forth. I then refer to that crop list from a bunch of other spreadsheets – especially my crop plan spreadsheets.

Different spreadsheet systems have different ways to connect those sheets.

In Google Sheets, you’ve got the IMPORTRANGE formula.

You enter that formula in the one cell, and then the formula imports all the data from the other sheet.

It’s important to realise that you cannot modify this imported data – it can only be modified in the original sheet. But if you modify the original data, it will also update the imported data.

That being said, you can reference that imported data with your whole arsenal of spreadsheet formulas – SUMIF, INDEX MATCH, FILTER, and more!

Go and get connected!

In this tip, we’ll see how to …

  • Link two Google sheets with IMPORTRANGE
  • Modify the data in original sheet and not the imported data
  • Use formulas to reference the imported data

You can get the spreadsheet fro this tip to follow along at home.

Go and get Connected!

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