Are Celosias Crossers?

I was going to write up Celosia seed for #seedsavingformarketgrowers but then I realised I wasn’t sure how much Celosia crosses with other Celosia.

I’ve been growing the same mixed up population for years and years. So I don’t know whether I’m seeing new crosses or just the same old crosses doing their thing.

I think it’s time for a Serious Celosia Variety Trial.

Next year, I want to grow a bunch of different Celosias side by side. 

I’ll get to see whether any varieties are much earlier to set seed. (Always important in our climate.)

I’ll also get to choose some favourite varieties.

’ll save the seed from each variety separately.

The following year, I’ll grow out seed from each variety. Not sure yet whether that will be side by side or in isolated blocks.

That’s when I will get to see how much crossing there is.

And then in fall 2023, I will tell you all about what I saw! 

p.s. The picture is Celosia drying in the greenhouse. The seed crew harvested the plants as they started to show black seed poking through the base of the flowers. We’re letting them afterripen in the greenhouse on tarps.

p.p.s If you have any insight into how much Celosia crosses, please don’t hold yourself back from telling me. I’m ok getting some insight before 2023.

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