One Giant Compost Sandwich

One giant compost sandwich coming your way.

On the bottom, a thick layer of bins of radicchio and escarole and napa cabbage. Culls from one last plant selection before we go into winter. The remaining plants in the field and greenhouse will be next year’s mother plants.

In the middle, a tarp full of okra plants. To be honest these plants didn’t really want to leave the party. They were pretty sure they could keep pumping fruit out forever. This winter business just seemed like a scam – an excuse to bust up the good thing they had going on.

And on top, two giant brown balls. This is what you can do with 150 bedfeet of melon plants once they’ve picked clean and left to shrivel for nearly months. Amazing how you can condense all the plant matter once you suck out all the green juice.

All loaded on Bob – the Tourne-Sol electric vehicle – heading out to the compost pile.

🥪 🥪 🥪 🥪 🥪

On further thought, perhaps this is actually a compost #croquemadame rather than a sandwich.

Or a plate of compost spaghetti topped with giant veggie meatballs.

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