Farmer Book Club: flower seeds biology and technology

Flower Seeds Biology and Technology

I haven’t actually read this book.

In fact, I received it about an hour ago.

There aren’t a lot of references about flower seeds out there and a few folks have mentioned this one to me. (In fact, Eric Budzynski just brought it up two weeks ago when we were both presenting at the Flower Seed Production workshop organised by EFAO and Bauta – that is when I decided to order this book once and for all.)

First impressions are it’s very textbooky and not as immediately practical as I was hoping. 

There are some great colour plates of seed surface textures and other flower parts and seed closeups.

Second impressions are actually going to take reading this book. I’m going to start with the chapter called Seed Development and Structure in Floral Crops.

If I love it, I’ll tell you more about it!

My next free online workshop is on Thursday April 14 at 2pm Eastern …

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