How to save 120lbs of cucumber seed

The first episode of The Seed Growers Podcast episode 1 wraps up with Adrianna and Joelene of Empowered Flowers discussing how they grow 120 of cucumbers seed on a quarter acre

Here’s a summary of the steps:

  • Grow like a market crop
  • Harvest fruit when they are very mature
  • Pile fruit into a mountain
  • Extract seed with friends
  • Ferment cucumber seed for 48 to 72 hrs
  • Water winnow the seed
  • Dry seed on germination hot tables in the greenhouse
  • Protect the seed from rodents

Go and listen to the full episode to get all the details!


You can listen on

The Seed Growers podcast is produced in part by No-Till Growers with the help of the show’s sponsors The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security and The Organic Seed Alliance

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