Harvesting spring radishes for seed production

Harvesting spring radishes for seed production.

1️⃣  What is the perfect French Breakfast radish? Cylindrical with a bit of a narrow top. Nicely defined colours with a clear transition. A short white tip. It’s good to define what you’re selecting for right from the start.

2️⃣  Radish beds ready to be pulled.

3️⃣  Harvest begins

4️⃣  We drop the radishes in piles of 15 on the ground so we can keep a count of how many radishes we’ve pulled. Next we twist off most of the radish tops by hand leaving a couple inches of leaves. 20 piles of 15 go into each bin. (That’s 300 radishes.)

5️⃣   Topped radishes go into bins. And these bins are off to the cold room for 10-14 days to go through a mini winter. Just enough to vernalise spring radishes so they sync up and start flowering at the same time when we replant them in the field.

6️⃣  And once the French Breakfast radish are done – it’s time for the round Raxe Radishes!!!

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