FSA Tip #12 Referring To “NOTHING” In Formulas

It’s pretty easy to refer to something in your spreadsheet. You refer to numbers all the time, and you probably refer to text at times. But there are other times when you need to refer to NOTHING in your formulas or spreadsheets. This can happen with the SUBSTITUTE formula (in fact this is this tip’s … More FSA Tip #12 Referring To “NOTHING” In Formulas

Organic Seed Growers Conference Webinars

Below is the official information for 6 webinars broadcast from OSA’s Organic Seed Growers Conference. I am one of the speakers in Seed Economics: How to Make Growing and Selling Seed More Profitable. If you’re interested in listening, make sure to register for the webinars! The Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) is hosting their 8th biennial Organic … More Organic Seed Growers Conference Webinars

Planning Seed Crops Webinar – Wed. Feb 19, 2014

You are invited to join us for a webinar on Planning Vegetable Seed Crops.  The first in our series “Growing for Seed: The Fundamentals” this webinar will feature presentations from Patrick Steiner (Stellar Seeds, BC), Daniel Brisebois (Tourne-Sol Cooperative Farm, QC), and Michelle Smith (Northwind Farm, NS). Together they’ll cover a range of topics to get you started in your seed … More Planning Seed Crops Webinar – Wed. Feb 19, 2014