Cucurbit Cheat Sheet

Here’s a Cucurbit cheat sheet for #seedsavingformarketgrowers These are the 6 most common cucurbit species in market gardens. If you grow two crops of the same species. They will cross pollinate together. For better or worse. (In the case of Squash – mostly for the worst.) But if you grow two cucurbits of different species … More Cucurbit Cheat Sheet

Moschata Is Your Squash For Easy Seed Saving

If you really want to save squash seed in your market garden, Moschata is your squash. Compared to Pepo and Maxima squash, there aren’t that many Moschata varieties out there. Mostly the butternut clan. And until recently there weren’t even that many butternuts available in seed catalogs. Moschate also have 5 sided stems but the … More Moschata Is Your Squash For Easy Seed Saving