Book Review: Breeding Organic Vegetables

Almost 10 years ago, NOFA released a series of handbooks on organic principles and practices. These were compact affordable books written by experienced farmers that gave solid introductions to poultry production, seed saving, crop rotation and more. I devoured these books. NOFA-NY recently published a book that follows in the previous handbook series’s steps: Breeding … More Book Review: Breeding Organic Vegetables

Biennials: Readying Radishes and Turnips To Replant

A week and a half I ago,  my overwintered brassica roots came out of the cold room for inspection.  Let’s look at Storage conditions Roots that stored best Roots that stored less than perfect Curing roots before planting. Storage conditions These roots were harvested last September. I selected the best individuals to bear seed. The … More Biennials: Readying Radishes and Turnips To Replant

Saving Turnip Seed

As I was getting a post together on some turnips Emily grew this summer, I started looking at photos from a 2009 turnip seed crop. So today, we’ll look at how to save seed turnip seed and Clear up all that confusion about turnips and rutabagas Explain how turnips need to be overwintered And show … More Saving Turnip Seed

Season Update

Here is some of what we’ve been doing during the last 2 months. Building Things We’ve put up a second caterpillar tunnel.You can find  more construction photos on Tourne-Sol cooperative farm’s Facebook page. We’re almost finished a 35′ x 150′ unheated greenhouse for more season extension. Dealing With The Rain Most of May was muddy … More Season Update