Love In The Mist

Love in the mist – what an aptly named plant – whimsical wispy mist leaves surroundings a lovely seed pod. Like something from another planet. I came upon Nigella damascena when I apprenticed at Orchard Hill Farm. I’d been saving vegetable and herb seeds for a few years. But had done little with cut flower … More Love In The Mist

Oh, how I would like to be your Amaranth guide.

Oh, how I would like to be your Amaranth guide. To walk you through A. cruentus,  A. hypochondriacus,  and  A. caudatus by way of A. tricolor and those other Amaranth species.. I would like to tell you which Amaranths have hanging flowers and which stand up straight. Which have white seeds and which black. And … More Oh, how I would like to be your Amaranth guide.

Cucurbit Cheat Sheet

Here’s a Cucurbit cheat sheet for #seedsavingformarketgrowers These are the 6 most common cucurbit species in market gardens. If you grow two crops of the same species. They will cross pollinate together. For better or worse. (In the case of Squash – mostly for the worst.) But if you grow two cucurbits of different species … More Cucurbit Cheat Sheet