Drying Squash Seeds

Back in November, I showed you how to extract seeds from squash. (All it takes is an axe and vacuum cleaner.) Today let’s talk about how to dry those seeds! (I know I’ve skipped over the actual seed cleaning part but I can’t find any great pictures of our cleaning. We’ll have to wait till … More Drying Squash Seeds

10 Steps For Getting Seed As Clean As Possible

In my early seed-saving days, I’d thresh and I’d winnow but I just couldn’t get my seeds as clean as when those that came from a seed packet. Over the next dozen years, meeting experienced seed growers, reading piles of seed production books,  and attending whatever seed workshops I could find; I gleaned many pearls … More 10 Steps For Getting Seed As Clean As Possible

Saving Bean Seeds

As I started this post, I realized I haven’t shared much about our bean production this year. That kind of surprised me since we grow 100-150 lbs of beans a year and spend a good part of September cleaning bean seeds. Why don’t we catch up and first look at different types of bean seed … More Saving Bean Seeds