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The Real Seed Catalogue DIY Seed Cleaner

Here is a video that Ben Gable from the Real Seed Company sent me of their DIY seed cleaner:

Open-Source, DIY Seed Cleaner Plans are also available on their site

If you want to see more DIY seed cleaning equipment, you can view two of my previous post that include the air columns that Patrice Fortier and Greta Kryger built.

Do any of you have homemade seed cleaning equipment you’d love to share with other seed growers?

Also, tomorrow (March 23) there is a free webinar on Breeding for Nutrition in Organic Seed Systems at 2 p.m. Eastern. However you have to register in advance.

15 new seed packing scoops for my collection

We fill a lot of seed packets in January and February. To speed seed packing up we have a fine collection of calibrated seed scoops. For a long time this collection was just a pile of kitchen measuring spoon with gradations  from 1/2 teaspoon up to 1.5 tablespoon. These measurements gave us a certain flexibility but it wasn’t very precise to pack for very small seeds such as thyme or oregano seeds. My 15 new seed scoops fill that gap in my collection.

These are actually gun powder scoops. They range from 0.3 cc to 4.3 cc. A cc is a cubic centimeter – the same thing as a millilitre (ml). A teaspoon holds 5 ml and a tablespoon hold 15 ml. So, these 15 scoops are smaller than a teaspoon!

I am especially excited about the smallest scoops.

I first saw gunpowder scoops in seedy use when I visited High Mowing Seeds in 2008. It took me a couple of years to track them down. If you too would like to increase your seed scoop collection, a quick internet search for “Lee powder measure kit” will point you in the right direction.

Another option is to make your own seed scoops. The has a picture of Andrea Berry’s seed scoops at Hope Seeds.




A few of my favorite things

This post is for Emily, Caitlyn and Heather.

Garden carts and …

… and good work gloves,

Sledge hammers and trowels,

Stake pounders and …

… rebar,

Measuring tapes of all sizes!

These are a few of my favorite things!

Also, the key tools we’ve been using to build the  new catterpillar tunnel on the farm. Due to technical difficulties (wind, a lot of it), the series of tunnel building posts I have been planning will still be a couple weeks away.