Drying Squash Seeds

Back in November, I showed you how to extract seeds from squash. (All it takes is an axe and vacuum cleaner.) Today let’s talk about how to dry those seeds! (I know I’ve skipped over the actual seed cleaning part but I can’t find any great pictures of our cleaning. We’ll have to wait till … More Drying Squash Seeds

FSA Tip #7 How To Choose A Spreadsheet System

This farm spreadsheet tip goes back to basics. Before you start setting up your Farm Spreadsheet System, you’ve got to decide on a spreadsheet application. Where to start among all the available options? I’ve got 5 considerations for you to evaluate different spreadsheet apps. I also explain why I use Google Sheets for my farm … More FSA Tip #7 How To Choose A Spreadsheet System

Organic Seed Growers Conference Webinars

Below is the official information for 6 webinars broadcast from OSA’s Organic Seed Growers Conference. I am one of the speakers in Seed Economics: How to Make Growing and Selling Seed More Profitable. If you’re interested in listening, make sure to register for the webinars! The Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) is hosting their 8th biennial¬†Organic … More Organic Seed Growers Conference Webinars