Onions update

Onion update. This is what those onions I replanted for seed look like these days. Still a few weeks until seed. My next free online workshop is on Thursday May 19 at 2pm Eastern … It will be about harvest efficiency – more details coming soon!

Saving bupleurum seed and dahlia tubers

Helen Skiba gets into saving Bupleurum seed and Dahlia tubers in episode 6 of The Seed Growers Podcast. Here are some of the highlights of the bupleurum seed conversation: • Planting schedules • Plant spacing • When seed is mature • Harvesting gradually through the season • Threshing and winnowing • Farm saved bupleurum seed … More Saving bupleurum seed and dahlia tubers

Blooming alliums

If you were a bee, wouldn’t you want to pollinate this flower? Here are some alliums in bloom These are chives! These are scallions! If you pay attention to the pictures you can actually see these beds are 5 feet apart from each other. There is a weedy bed between both allium beds. Chives and … More Blooming alliums