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Seed Webinar today

I’m excited to be part of a seed webinar this afternoon at 4PM Eastern.  I’ll be talking about how we approach selecting seed plants on our farm. I’ve got some pictures lined up!


If you’re interested in listening in all the details are below. (Or you can just register here: http://rsvp.momentumconferencing.com/RSVP/event/1243) There is no fee to participate.




“The People’s Choice” Webinar: Seed Questions across Canada!

Hosted by: The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security


Designed according to feedback collected from across Canada, the webinar will start with a presentation on “On-farm Roguing, Selection, and Adaptation” by Dan Brisebois of Tourne-Sol Farm (QC). Part 2 of the webinar will feature a seed panel of experts from across the country who will address YOUR most important questions about seed. The panel will speak to both pre-submitted questions and live questions from webinar participants. Please come prepared to engage!

You can get more info and register here: http://rsvp.momentumconferencing.com/RSVP/event/1243



Planning Seed Crops Webinar – Wed. Feb 19, 2014

You are invited to join us for a webinar on Planning Vegetable Seed Crops. 
The first in our series “Growing for Seed: The Fundamentals” this webinar will feature presentations from Patrick Steiner (Stellar Seeds, BC), Daniel Brisebois (Tourne-Sol Cooperative Farm, QC), and Michelle Smith (Northwind Farm, NS). Together they’ll cover a range of topics to get you started in your seed garden this year, including:
–Knowing seed crops & lifecycle patterns, isolation distances, and population sizes;
–Sourcing appropriate seed stock and integrating seed production onto your farm; and
–Using and marketing seed crops: intended use and prospective buyers.
DATE: Wednesday February 19th, 2014
TIME: 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
TO JOIN THE MEETING, simply click here, or copy and paste this link into your browser:
Once the meeting is started you should be able to see and hear everything directly on/from your computer. If you can see the meeting, but you can’t hear us, you can dial-in (toll-free) to get the audio.
The phone number is 1-866-811-9555, the conference code you will be prompted to enter is 9730133156. Please use your phone only if you can’t use your computer.
In order to participate in the webinar you’ll need:
–A computer with Flash. If you can watch (and hear) a YouTube video, you’re probably all good. If you can’t try downloading Flash Player here.
–If you’re in a shared space, you’ll want headphones to plug into your computer to hear the audio without disturbing others.
If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before you can get a quick overview here: http://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect.html
If you have questions about how to join this webinar, please contact Steph at seed@acornorganic.org 
If you can’t join us on Wednesday, but are interested in this content, we will be posting it online at www.seedsecurity.ca. Please be patient with us, we’ll post the content as quickly as we can.
Please note that this is an English webinar. We are planning 2 French webinars and will keep you updated on that as details are confirmed.

French webinar on integrating seed production into market gardens

Happy New Year!
On Tuesday Jan. 15, I’m giving a webinar on integrating seed production into market gardens in French for Farmstart. The details are below. I will be giving the same webinar in English in early February. When the dates are confirmed, I will post them.
Webinaire sur comment intégrer la conservation de semences dans une
production maraîchère 

Le mardi 15 Janvier (19h00 – 20h30)

Présenté par la FarmON Alliance en partenariat avec Cultivons Biologique Canada  

Les maraîchers ont quelques bonnes opportunités comme semencier. Ils sont équipées pour gérer une production diversifiée, ils savent ce qu’ils veulent dans leurs variétés de légumes et ils peuvent récolter une portion de leurs cultures de semences pour vendre comme légume. Bien sur, il faut considérer le main d’œuvre, les distances d’isolement et les superficies nécessaires quand vous ajoutez des cultures pour semences sur votre ferme. Par contre, ça vaut la peine de le faire pour augmenter votre diversité agro-écologique, réduire vos dépenses, garantir une source pour certaines variétés critiques et
peut-être même diversifier vos sources de revenues.

Daniel Brisebois est un des 5 fermiers de la ferme cooperative Tourne-Sol. Il est co-auteur de “Crop Planning for Organic Vegetable Growers”. Daniel écrit un blog sur la production de semences (goingtoseed.wordpress.com). Daniel est sur la comité de direction du Réseau des Semenciers Biologique de Canada de l’Est et il est président de Cultivons Biologique Canada. Vous pouvez le rejoindre à daniel@fermetournesol.qc.ca

Coût: 20$

Pour obtenir plus d’information contactez: ali@farmstart.ca ou 519 836 7046 x 104

Inscription: cliquez ici